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About Us

This is a federation of sake and food producers who like minded people has strong strategy for own products, and keeping tradition way, culture and faith. This non profitable organization was established in 2015.


Organizations overview
Organization name

Nonprofit organization SJFCM
The Art of Sake and Japanese Food Culture Mission consortium

Sake shop powered by TANAKA-SAKETEN Co.,ltd.
Operated by Clip creative

Established 21 April, 2015
Based Akashi city, Hyogo prefecture Japan
Board Chief director Hiroshi Watanabe
Vice chief director Yasuki Tanaka
Director Yoshiaki Tsubosaka
Director Hirotaka Tajime
Director Elliot Faber
Auditor Auditor Mikihito Ibaraki
Adviser Adviser Jiro Ogue
Our goal This organization is a connecting foundation for the who loves Japanese food culture around world, to Japanese food culture and surround artisan peoples that foods and sake producers, fish producers, agriculture producers, restaurants, Chefs and any kind of suppliers for Japanese foods culture.
Our goal is, share the Japanese food culture to the world, create a distributing solutions for all qualities products to the world. And support to the peoples who has a passionate mind to showed Japanese foods culture in the world.
This organization is a showcase of artisan Japanese food products and producers who has passionate mind for own products.
And Sake seven is an ambassadors of our organization to promote our culture.